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EVEREST Multilayer PT (Multilayer Block dedicated to posteriors)

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EVEREST Multilayer PT

Multilayer Block dedicated to posterior teeth 

EVEREST Multilayer PT is a multi-layered Zirconia block for Posterior Teeth prosthesis, designed to have natural gradation of the posterior teeth and strength to withstand stress. It allows for the best fabrication of posterior prosthesis with high flexural strength (1,150~1,250 MPA) and 16 shades.

EVEREST Multilayer PT consists of four layers:

  • Cervical (35%)
  • C-Transition (15%)
  • E-Transition (25%)
  • Enamel (25%)

This is the optimal layer classification to reproduce the gradation of natural teeth.

EVEREST Multilayer PT, composed of the four-layer structure, has high level color matching based on the VITA Shade Guide.

It is also possible to fabricate the prosthesis without the coloring process. With the EVEREST Multilayer PT, you can make very natural-looking prostheses without coloring.


  • 12 mm (RM 520.00 ea)
  • 14 mm (RM 570.00 ea)
  • 16 mm (RM 620.00 ea)
  • 18 mm (RM 670.00 ea)
  • 20 mm (RM 720.00 ea)
  • 22 mm (RM 770.00 ea)
  • 25 mm (RM 850.00 ea)
  • 30 mm (RM 1,000.00 ea)


  • A1
  • A2
  • A3
  • A3.5
  • A4
  • B1
  • B2
  • B3
  • B4
  • C1
  • C2
  • C3
  • C4
  • D2
  • D3
  • D4

* Don't see your preferred shade listed? Select "Other Shades" when ordering, and let us know the specific shade that you want to purchase in the "Add a Remark" section of your order form. Or just call us!


Strength1,150~1,250 Mpa
Sintering Temp1,530~1,560 ℃
DistinctionUniversal Type
ShadeA1 ~ D4 (16 Shades)
Disc DiameterØ 98 mm


  • Excellent strength
  • High fracture toughness
    • With high density particle structure and unique manufacturing technology, customer can get stable results after milling.
  • Excellent marginal fitness due to uniform shrinkage rate
    • Average Grain size of EVEREST after sintering for 2 hrs at 1,500°C : 0.3μm
      Sintered density of EVEREST after sintering for 2 hrs at 1,500°C : > 99.85% theoretical density
    • EVEREST has uniform shrinkage rate due to CIP (Cold Isostatic Press) System treatment.
    • High compaction and uniform density allow for predictable shrinkage during the subsequent sintering process.
  • Natural block shade
  • Affordable prices
  • Convenient CAD/CAM System Integration
    • We've registered our multi-layered EVEREST Zirconia in systems from various well-known companies eg. exocad, hyperDENT. This makes it easier and more convenient for our customers to use multi-layer zirconia blocks. We also plan to expand further and collaborate with more companies.

  exocad (CAD)             hyperDENT (CAM) 


  • 1 x Ø98 mm Zirconia disc (multi-layer, for posteriors)


  • Full single crown for posterior teeth
  • Long span bridge on posterior teeth



EVEREST – Multi-layer Zirconia Disc

RAZOR – Mono-layer Zirconia Disc



"The company always aims for the Best"

UNC Int. is a Venture company included in the Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology (KICET), the most prominent national laboratory in Korea.

UNC Int. was founded in 2013, specialized in manufacturing Zirconia CAD/CAM block for dental.

We consist of experienced experts, and exports high quality products on the basis of the trust given by our customers.

Based on the trust and belief, we do our best to be a leading company for Dental Zirconia CAD/CAM block.

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