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MAZIC CLARO PRESS _ Pressable Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic Ingot

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MAZIC® Claro Press(Size D: 12.7mm x H:10mm) 5EA/ Box

Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic for CAD/CAM (mandrel-type/Cerec-type blocks)

MAZIC Claro Press, as a lithium disilicate glass ceramic ingot, is to produce dental restorative material that makes inlays, onlays, veneers , crowns and bridges.

Having a variety of shade to be applied to a suitablecolor to the natural teeth of the patient, the prosthesis can be manufactured through normal pressing process.

It has high flexural strength and excellent fracture strength and the reaction layer after pressing is so insignificant that precise fitting is possible.

Build-up, stain, and glaze workings can be done with MAZIC Claro Press, so you can express aesthetics similar to natural teeth in various ways according to the case. 

MAZIC Claro Press has a high flexural strength of 450MPa and can be used more reliably than other zirconia Reinforced Lithium Silicate Glass Ceramic because it does not change the translucency and shade even if it is fired many times.

Types and Characteristics of 

MAZIC Claro Press Ingots

HT _High Translucency

  • Color and transparency close to natural tooth enamel.
  • Suitable for production of small prostheses s (Inlays, Onlays).
  • Well suited with the stain technique. Could be also applied  with the cutback technique.
  • Excellent compatibility with the natural tooth.
  • Color: A~D line(16colors), BL line (4colors).

LT_Low Translucency

  • Color close to natural white tooth color.
  • Suitable for the large size posterior crowns.
  • Color and brightness highly close to natural tooth color.
  • Color: A~D line(16colors), BL line(4 colors).

MO_Medium Opacity

  • Medium translucency, suitable for the moderate discoloration.
  • High-transparency p possible by applying the additional  build-up technique.
  • Color: MO 0, MO 1, MO 2, MO 3, MO 4 . Total 5 colors.

HO_High Opacity

  • High translucency. Suitable for t the tooth with strong discoloration.
  • High-transparency possible by applying the additional build-up technique.
  • Color: HO 0, HO 1, HO 2 의 Total 3 types of shades available. 

[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_07[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_01[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_03[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_04[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_05[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_08

[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_09

[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_#2_페이지_10

[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_11[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_12[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_13[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_14[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_15[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_16[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_17[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_18[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_19[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_20[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_21[ MAZIC Claro ] A4 카다로그_ENG_ver01_220315_페이지_22

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