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Medit i700 – Scanning Reimagined

Unleash Your Clinic's Potential

Through innovation and customer care, we drive the digital dentistry revolution. We believe that through addition of advanced scanning technology to digital dentistry we are giving dentists the tools they need to provide better care to their patients. As the scanning company most trusted by consumers, we work hard to create new, previously unimagined possibilities for scanning through better innovation and customer care.

Medit has been at the forefront of realizing the easy entry into digital dentistry. 

Your patient’s experience will be improved with our innovation.

How can we develop the product beyond the imagination of users?

How should we incorporate our advanced scanning technology and 20 years of engineering know-how?

Medit reimagines the scanning. 

We believe that digital dentistry unleash your clinic’s potential.

Imagine how digital dentistry can change the life of you, your patients, and your lab partners.

To realize this, Medit never stops evolving scanning systems with continuous product upgrades.

First Look at the Medit i700

The Medit i700 makes the scanning experience a comfortable one for both dentist and patient.

With the powerful hardware and intelligent software, the Medit i700 is the key to unleash your clinic’s full potential.

Medit Plug & Scan

Unlike the most scanners in the market, Medit i700 can be directly connected to the PC using power delivery cable without power hub and extra cables. This new feature of Medit i700 improves the mobility and the maintenance.

Medit Link

Medit Link is a fully open system for you.

Scan with intelligent features and apps specialized for your dental procedures.

Improve consultation experience with your patient to provide better treatment options.

Enhance your communication with labs through a real time cloud-based system.

Medit is one of the fastest companies to provide software upgrades.

Users can get the renewed scanner with improved performance and new features through software upgrades.

Scan & Communicate 

Smart Filtering

Remove unnecessary soft tissue data which is one of the biggest challenges when performing scans.

Medit Ortho Simulation

Help the patient visualize potential results of an orthodontic treatment.

Cloud-based Service

Store all data in the cloud. Work on your original scans, archive your digital impressions and orders, manage your cases wherever you are.

Smart Color Filtering

Automatically filter the color out during scanning, reducing the number of artifacts and making retraction easier.

Medit Smile Design

Show the patient their future smile or help them envision a braces treatment.

Web Viewer & Case Talk

Experience smoother communication, with partners. View scan data on any device and share notes. All data is stored securely.

Treatment Types 

Margin line Creation

Choose between allowing the system to automatically generate the margin line for any tooth or create it manually.

Denture Scanning

Scan edentulous patients, or the inner surface of the denture. Use wax rims or dentures to perform occlusal alignment.

A.I. Scanbody & Abutment matching

Abutments and scan bodies are automatically matched and aligned with the scan data. Use this function for downstream work such as CAD.

Medit Crown Fit

Conduct a modeless crown fitting. The software can reveal where alterations may be needed.

Impression Scanning

Get the data from the hard-to-scan areas using an impression, scan it, and combine with the intraoral data.

Face Scan

Scan your patient’s face, import 3D face data and bone data, and align all these data sets to get a more comprehensive final result.

Use Medit i700 scan data for a wide range of applications

Your Medit Link open system enables you to use your scan data for all kinds of workflows, with any software that allows the import of STL, PLY and OBJ files. This means that you can use our scan data for:

  • Clear aligners
  • Crown and bridges
  • Implant-supported restorations
  • Full and partial dentures
  • Orthodontics
  • Implant surgical guides
  • Sleep apnea devices
  • Dental models
  • 3D printing

... and more!

Hear what our users say about their experience

Unleash My Clinic's Potential

Dr. Christian Brenes
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Dr. Vas Srinivasan
Clear Aligner with i700

Dr. Katalin Nagy
CAD/CAM Driven Anterior Aesthetic Treatment

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IOS and DSM (Prosomnus) Sleep Apnea Device Case

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Everyday Digital Dentistry: Specific case with i700

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Our Medit Community

Our users have always been at the heart of all that we do, and we're proud to have built a community that not only gives us constant feedback and suggestions but also actively supports and helps one another.

For our efforts in community-building, we received the Best Community Support award at the iDD Intraoral Scanner Awards 2020.

But we didn't just build a community. We also built a resource library for you to learn on the go. You can check out video tutorials on our Medit Academy YouTube channel or read help articles in our Help Center.

Beyond the training and support from our distribution partners, you can also reach out to our dedicated tech support team if you have any questions or encounter any issues.

This means that you never need to worry about being alone in your scanning journey.

So what are you still waiting for?

Join the digital dentistry revolution and enjoy the Medit experience.


CategoryMedit i700
Scanning technologyScanning frameUp to 70 FPS
Imaging technology3D-in-motion video technology   |   3D full color streaming capture
Light sourceLED
Anti-fogging technologyAdaptive anti-fogging
AccuracyFull-arch10.9μm ± 0.98
HandpieceDimensions248 x 44 x 47.4 mm
Weight245 g
TipTip size22.2 x 15.9 mm
Mirror angle45-degree angle (Easier to scan distal molar area)
Scan area15 x 13 mm
AutoclavableUp to 100 times
Autoclave 121°C 30 mins   |   Autoclave 134°C 4 mins
Reversible TipYes
Special modeRemote control modeYes
UV-C disinfectionYes
CableLength2.0 m / Handpiece Detachable
ConnectivityUSB 3.1 Gen1 (C Power Delivery)

Recommended System Requirements

CategoryLaptop RecommendedDesktop Recommended
CPUIntel Core i9 - 10980HK
AMD Ryzen 9 4900H/5900H
Intel Core i9 - 10900K
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
GraphicNvidia GeForce RTX
Above 8GB
(Not supporting Radeon)
OSWindow 10 Pro 64-bit

About Medit

Medit is a global provider of 3D measurement and CAD/CAM solutions for dental clinics and labs, including intraoral scanners, based on its own patented state-of-the-art technology. The company also develops platform solutions for digital dentistry, supporting collaborative workflows. Additionally, the Solutionix line provides 3D scanners and software to the industrial market. The company’s goal is to provide innovative technology and the highest quality products to ensure mutual growth for all partners.

Medit is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea since its inception in 2000. The company also has representatives located in the Americas and Europe, and boasts a global network of distributors in over 70 countries.

Our Products

Scanning Reimagined – Medit i700

Succeeding the revolutionary intraoral scanner Medit i500, the Medit i700 is the key to unleash your clinic's full potential, with powerful hardware and intelligent software. The Medit i700 makes the scanning experience a comfortable one for both dentist and patient.

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Medit Link

Medit's new workflow management and communication software, Medit Link, is developed to enhance your performance.

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Medit Tabletop Scanners – Medit T-Series

With unsurpassed speed, accuracy and reliability, the Medit T-Series helps you rediscover your productivity.

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